Our master Samurai Cat Asano was tricked by Kira and unjustly sacrificed to death with honor.
Kira has just returned to earth in another form.

Out of more than 300 experienced Samurai Cats, only 47 Ronin, including the leader Oishi, have decided to return to earth a second time this year to avenge their master's death and kill the resurrected Kira in 3D.

The battle will be difficult against more numerous fighters but our 3D Ronins are protected by the heavens. We have already overcome the first battle with success in early January.

Ako's vendetta is not over...

familly LuckyCats
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The new
Samurai cats
collection is coming


your 2D NFT


a 3D nft

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The new
Samurai cats
collection is here


your 2D NFT


a 3D nft

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steve aoki

and the
47 ronins

Our 47 Ronins Samurai Cats are eager and ready to restore the lordship of the Asano 3D clan before the summer of 2022.
Once on earth, our 47 Ronins need all of you, the 4747 Samurai Cats 2D, to make the community shine again for its values of loyalty, faithfulness and 3D ;-).

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Hiro Ando's

Hiro Ando (Japanese, born 1973) is a contemporary multidisciplinary artist. He began his career as an illustrator after graduating from Tama University in Tokyo and creates popular works that blend Western and Eastern pop culture. Ando's work brings together traditional and modern Japanese archetypes such as Hello Kitty, the panda, the samurai and the sumo wrestler, creating a dialogue between present and traditional culture.

Famous for his paintings and resin cats, Hiro Ando gives birth in January 2022 to his first NFT collection of the Crazy Noodles Gang with his Samurai Cats in 2D and soon in 3D.


Quarter 2

Gallery Club version web


Quarter ?

Gallery Club version Metaverse


Quarter ?

Launch 3D Samurai Cats


Quarter 4

Avatar in Metaverse and more surprises

katana katana





get ready!

In the Holders section, we propose an access to our World and to different metaverse collaborations like the Aokiverse, Oncyber or Decentraland.
We will organize several AMAs, create membership areas and organize parties in clubs in the metaverse for our holders.



samurai cats

to win

Samurai offers you a 3D game that allows you to win WL before the mint and artworks of the artist Hiro Ando after the mint.
Different competition programs and games are also set up to win artworks.



you need

is in the

The gallery club is a unique space reserved for Samurai Cats holders. You will find a real art gallery offering the physical artworks of the artist Hiro Ando at lower prices, but also unique digital works.



samurai cats

the world

We organize and sponsor physical events all over the world and very soon a party will be organized in a metaverse club.

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Who is hiro ando?

Hiro Ando is a famous Japanese artist well-known around the world. He sold his artworks to famous celebrities such as Steeve Aoki, Drake.. Check “Hiro Ando” on Google.

How many samurai cats will be minted?

4747 Samurai Cats.

What can i do with my samurai cats?

Check our discord for all informations.

When will it be minted?

Official launch in December.

When will it be revealed?

48 hours after the end of the mint.

After minting is sold out, how can I get a Samurai Cat?

Please visit our official OpenSea account at https://opensea.io/collection/samuraicats-by-hiro-ando.

Will we be getting OpenSea verification?

Yes, we will ask for the certification when we reach 100k eth of trading volume.

Can I see the contract address?

Yes, you can see it on Etherscan.

I got a DM'd a link from someone claiming to be a team member, can I trust it?

NO! None of the team members will ever DM you with links or asking for your wallet address/seed phrase, please screenshot anyone impersonating a team member and post it in ⚠scam-alert.

What is crazy noodles gang?

It’s the branch of Studio Crazy Noodles specializing in NFT and creating the World of Crazy Noodles Gang. It’s a world imagined by a collaboration of famous Japanese artists. All Japanese artists can join our world and participate to build a better and fair environment in Art communities.

Who can join our team?

Everybody! If you are following a passion and you are trying to live from this passion, we want to work with you. Artists, Painters, Developers, Gamers, Designers, Influencers.. Join our team, we are waiting for you!