Terms & conditions saumrai cats

1. Thank you for supporting Crazy Noodles Gang and Samurai Cats

Crazy Noodles Gang is an NFT generation project powered by the Ethereum blockchain and designed by artist Hiro Ando. We sincerely appreciate your support for our project. Samurai Cats ("Samurai Cats") is owned and operated by Crazy Noodles Gang. All rights not specifically granted to users and owners of NFTs Samurai Cats are reserved by the company. This includes, but is not limited to, ownership rights in names, logos, trademarks, the website, the look and feel of the interface, the smart contract code, the generative features in general, and therefore the names "Samurai Cats" and "Samurai Cats". In addition to owning the names "Samurai Cats" and "Samurai Cats", we reserve the prerogative to use the official Samurai Cats logos for future marketing purposes.

2. Samurai Cats by Hiro Ando

The initial product of Samurai Cats is a series of 4747 NFTs on ERC-721 ("Samurai Cats" or "NFT") with generative features that correspond to artworks of Hiro Ando hosted on IPFS. By connecting your wallet to www.samuraicats.io to hit an NFT with our smart contract, you get full ownership of your Samurai Cats.

3. Kids

The Samurai Cats project is not intended for children. You acknowledge that you are over the age of 18, or the maturity of your governance, whichever is greater.

4. Privacy Policy

Samurai Cats does not currently collect eye data, IP addresses, or your usage of the Website and the Operation without your agreement. However, you understand that the Ethereum blockchain network can be a public blockchain, which means that all of your sales history initiated via the web point will be made public. You also understand that Samurai Cats may use third-party operations, such as Discord or Collab.Land, that collect and store user data.In the future, Samurai Cats will likely launch products (e.g., a merchandise store) that require the collection and storage of user data. However, this provision is subject to change, if at all.

5. Ownership rights

You will own all commercial rights to your NFT Samurai Cats as long as you own and control the NFT. You will assign a number of these rights to other commercial projects (e.g., T-shirts, comics, companies...), but any future transfer of your NFT will be subject to the rights you have already assigned. You may put your Samurai Cats on clothing and merchandise, include them in video games and video projects, and generally do whatever you want with your Samurai Cats. You may not use the name "Samurai Cats" on any commercial product, nor may you use "Samurai Cats" unless it is directly linked to a "#" and thus to the number of your Samurai Cats signifying the NFT you own. You agree not to use your Samurai Cats in any project or derivative work involving hate speech, racism, pornography or other illegal content.

6. Create

We want you to feel empowered to create new projects and new uses for your Samurai Cats. You have the right to make derivative works of your Samurai Cats, provided you own the NFT at the time of creation. In addition, you may assign these rights to other artists, creators or third party projects, provided that you own the Samurai Cats at the time you grant this permission to use. When you assign your NFT, you also assign your rights.

7. No Long-Term Warranties or Promises

Samurai Cats hopes to continue to develop this concept and community. We have published a roadmap outlining a number of long-term goals that we hope to achieve. While we strive to achieve these goals, occasional effects may occur and we cannot guarantee that this original concept will be commercialized or guarantee future developments. You agree that your purchase of a Samurai Cats from our initial project is all you are guaranteed to receive with your initial purchase. Any future drops, community gatherings or other implied benefits accompany this purchase and will not be considered part of your original purchase. You agree not to believe any future commitment from Samurai Cats by using this item and participating in our NFT launch.

8. Unrestricted Multiple Third Party Uses

Nothing in these Terms is intended to prevent you or any third party from (i) maintaining or operating an NFT marketplace that allows the application or trading of Samurai Cats, provided that the Company cryptographically verifies the authority of the NFT to ensure that only the owner may use and display its Samurai Cats ; and (ii) the maintenance or operation of a third party website or operation that allows the addition or participation of Samurai Cats generally, so long as the website or operation cryptographically verifies the authority of the NFT to ensure that only the owner may use and display its Samurai Cats. In addition, nothing in these T&C is intended to limit a third-party website's ability to create tools to track traits or transactions.

9. Samurai Cats is not a financial investment vehicles

Samurai Cats NFTs are intended to be a fun icon and non-fungible token that you can simply collect. They are not intended as investment vehicles. We make absolutely no promises or guarantees that these NFTs will have any value. You understand that they don't need an essential price tag, and that they will be treated as nothing more than a fun and enjoyable collectible Art. Don’t spend/invest ETH you can’t afford to lose. Enjoy the guaranteed utilities and benefits we have in store for our holder!

10. Taxes

You are fully responsible for all arrears and taxes that will result from the striking or resale of your Samurai Cats in the jurisdiction of your country.

11. Class Action Waiver

You waive any class action status, and any action around the Samurai Cats design that you prefer to pursue can only be done on a private basis.

12. You are a part of our success!

Samurai Cats can only succeed with your support and that of other members of our community. We appreciate you and many sincere thanks for being part of our launch. See you on Discord and happy invocations!

Copyrights : CRAZY NOODLES GANG (Japan)